My Internship with Create.net

April 6th, 2014

Ok, so here goes, I've been accepted on to the Wired Sussex Internship program. Its a 6 week paid internship with Create.net. Working in the front end design team and creating templates for their users.

The company provides a platform for people with little to no web design knowledge to create sites and e-commerce stores for a small monthly fee.

I've been on the placement a few days now and thought I'd write a little about what I've been learning and what I hope to learn.

Going in to the internship I have 3 main goals, though I'm sure I will learn a lot more (working within a team/ office environment seems a hard one to quantify in a blog :P);

  1. Sass I've heard so much about how great it is and learnt the very basics of how it works but I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth in to using Sass in projects and seeing in practice how it can make coding websites faster and 'DRY'er
  2. Github I've always liked the idea of version control but github has felt a bit of a minefield to me. I'm hoping that working within a large team will make github all make sense to me and click in a way that I can use it with all my work.
  3. Browser Compatibility I'll be honest, browser compatibility is something that I know is important but I've never really given much time to in the past. Its an essential part to how create.net works, as they are creating sites that can and will be used all types of browser. Theres also the issues of template compatibility and how content should be compatible with any use template. These are similar ideas (or so I think) in that I must ensure that every line of code is robust enough to stand up to the varying browsers and templates that it will be used in.

So there we go, fingers crossed!

Note: Its been a long time since this blog post and I'm still working for Create now as a junior front end developer in a full time role.