Git what..? Git who..? Github? O right, cool

May 27th, 2014

I knew I needed version control long before I knew what is was and I have to admit that I had looked in to it before and been put off by how complex it seemed.

When starting my first job in web development it was a requirement that I knew git. And so I spent many hours trying to get my head around it, watching tutorials, looking at flow diagrams and drawings of 'branches'.

It wasn't until I cam across this site that I really began to feel confident with git, see it doesn't have to be so complicated! So a big thanks to Roger Dudler for creating that.

I really wish I'd found the Github interactive guide sooner, but maybe it wasn't around at the time?

Now that I use git every day I couldn't live without it, its saved my bacon many times and I never start a new idea without checking out to a new branch first. I still use Google for the more complex stuff though, git can get dangerous!