May 18th, 2014

Ok, these things have a learning curve but its so worth it.

My time as an intern at create.net has taught me everything I read about Sass is true. Its quicker to code, its better organised and it allows for design patterns to be used throughout a site and tweaked from once place.

As a bit of a neat freak, its been great to discover how Sass can help organise stylesheets in to little snippets that can then be imported in to one minified css file. I also love how decisions such as padding size and the precise shade of any colour can be tweaked site wide so easily by just changing one variable.

I'm making sure I do continue to code in pure css for some projects though, the smaller projects do not need Sass and I'm very aware that I need to keep my CSS skills up to scratch and not rely on Sass - as sometimes it wont be available.