Progressive Web Apps

August 16th, 2017

Not long ago I attended Magento Live in London. Paul Kinlan took to the stage to explain progressive web apps and how they could benefit ecommerce sites.

  • Auto login, across devices, massive reduction in failed logins
  • Save to home screen, ask after they've checked out or at any chosen point in the journey
  • Auto fill credit card details is getting better. A w3c standard similar to Apple pay.
  • Notifications, "sale now on".
  • Compete with installed apps on a users home screen. Your shop will sit right next to the Amazon and ebay apps.

My colleague Hob and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Google training center for a 2 day workshop on progressive web apps. Here's some notes on what we learnt;

  • Javascript now has fetch which is kind of like a native ajax.
  • A service worker is a javascript file installed on the users machine that runs in a seperate thread.
  • The service worker can add event listeners for fetch events and then either continue with them or serve from the cache based on network conditions, this is how they allow offline useage.
  • manifest files allow us to define app logos and theme colours.
  • Googles WorkBox tool allows service workers to be created easily.