Using React JS for the first time

July 11th, 2016

I have to admit, I've tackled React before truely mastering javascript itself, but I thought I better see what the fuss is all about, and this baptism of fire approach to learning has worked for me before (although not always!).

The trouble is, React is just so difficult to get up and running, I've heard many people say this and I think the experience has been improved recently. There are dependencies like they're going out of fashion and most tutorials are using the ES6 javascript syntax which is pretty alien to me.

Anyway, once I got up and running I realised how powerful it can be for interactive web apps. I'm not yet sold on using it for 'traditional' websites.

I built a musical connections app were you see how many connections you can find between musicians without going back on yourself. It can be seen here and the code is on Github here.

Note: I've done next to no design work on this, that's all to come

Note 2: I've tried using the wikipedia API to get artist info. The search function doesn't work all that well and I'm calling out for help in the github repo. So if you know your way around the wikipedia API I'd love for you to contribute.